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Adidas Victory League


Adidas Victory – League Deodorant Spray – For Men (150 ml)

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Product Description

Capturing the power of victory and the spirit of the game, Adidas gives you this Victory League Deodorant Spray that gives you a powerful blast of freshness and keeps you smelling great throughout the day.

Fruity Oriental Fragrance

This masculine fragrance is an exquisite coming together of fruity with oriental that gives you a charming aura.

24 Hour Fresh Power Technology

The innovative fresh power technology locks in the fragrance and protects you from body odour for a whole 24 hours.

Extra-cooling Sensation

Every time you spritz on this Deodorant Spray, you get a cool and refreshing feel that instantly refreshes you.

Innovative and Convenient Cap Free Actuator

The easy-to-use cap free applicator is great for simply whipping it out of your bag and spraying it in a jiffy.


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