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Blast Deodorant


Axe Blast Deodorant Spray – For Men (150 ml)

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Product Description

Upgrade to the Axe fever with this Blast Deodorant Spray, designed for every man who likes a signature scent, day-in and day-out.

Fresh Feel

Every spray of the Blast Deodorant Spray lends to your senses a fresh awakening so you feel energized and active all day long.


The spray keeps your body engulfed all day long, whether hot and humid days or balmy summer evenings.

Continuous & Effective Protection Against Perspiration

No more smelly lift experience and you can wave goodbye to embarrassing body odor because the deodorant has an intense, all-day formula which fights perspiration and is efficient at it.

Stimulates Senses

The blend of notes aligned to keep you feeling fresh all day long leaves you with stimulated senses so you have an alert mind all the time and perform best at whatever you do.

Unique Inspiring Fragrance

From the first sniff of your aura to the last minute of the working day, you will keep everybody around you guessing. The unique fragrance of the deodorant stands out and stays like your signature wherever you are.


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