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KamaSutra Storm Deodorant Spray


KamaSutra Storm Deodorant Spray – For Men (150 ml)

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Product Description

When the storm approaches, everyone runs to take cover and stay a distance to watch this powerful force emerge. Similarly, everyone watches with bated breath to see this dashing man step out of his house and strike down innocent with his rugged looks and vibrant spirit. As he walks by, you stand in awe of his daunting physique, his brisk walk and his fragrance of Kamasutra Storm Deo Spray.

Walking with an air, women burn with desire when they see him. He marches on, completely oblivious of their sweet agony. He is a man of passion and excitement, who looks for sparks in every endeavour. When he sprays on a bit of this Kamasutra storm deo, he coerces all the elements of the universe to mould him into an invincible force of nature. Flirting with him is like playing a deadly game of Russian roulette, never knowing whether youíll be faced with uncontainable joy or painful torment. This woody fragrance comes in a sleek black bottle that is offset with a rust-brown hue. A bit of this deo spray and prepare for the eye of the storm.


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