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Adidas Team Force Deodorant Spray – For Men (150 ml)

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Product Description

Repugnant body odor has to be top of the spring cleaning list and with this Adidas Team Force Deodorant, you are sure to keep foul smell away and present confidence wherever you go.

Fresh Woody Fragrance

Truly masculine and perfectly fresh, woody notes always have been known to keep the sense palate of a man well serviced; ensure your dressing table has enough supply.

24 Hours Fresh Power Technology

Body odor is as notorious as you think it is and then some more; this deodorant has been formulated to give you round the clock protection against body odor so your confidence never dips.

Extra-Cooling Sensation

Floral and fruity notes combine with an impeccable formula to keep you feeling cool all day long.

Innovative and Convenient Cap Free Actuator

Wave sweet goodbyes to uncomfortable bottle caps that define perfumes and move on to this deodorant; the cap free actuator dispenses ideal amounts of fragrance with every spray for maximum effect.

Developed with Athletes

Athletes know best when it comes to exertion and products that last longest, Team Force is a formulation developed with expert inputs from athletes to ensure ideal fragrance coverage and benefits.


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