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Wild Stone Night Rider


Wild Stone Night Rider Deodorant Spray – For Men (150 ml)

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Product Description

Presented in a black flacon with amber accents that perfectly accentuate the nature of the fragrance, Wild Stone Night Rider deo spray is for a man who has secrets that he chooses to keep all to himself.

About Wild Stone

Wild Stone is a well known leading male grooming-personal care brand from McNROE Consumer Products Pvt Ltd. Known best for its range of deodorants / Perfume; Wild Stone operates in multiple product categories like perfume, shaving, talc and soap. Consumerís strong preference and liking for Wild Stone is evident from the fact that Wild Stone Deodorant is no 2 menís deodorant brand and Wild Stone Talc is among the top 3 menís talc brand in India.
Wild Stone has been recognized by Brand Equity to be amongst country’s 100 most exciting brands & also amongst top 10 most exciting Personal Care Brands. It was also recognized as Indiaís most trusted fragrance brand (Deo / Perfume), by ìThe Brand Trust Report 2014î.


McNROE Consumer Products Private Limited is one of the fast growing personal care companies in Indian FMCG industry. The firm has multiple brands which straddle across product categories in both men and women personal care & grooming space. Wild Stone, Secret Temptation and Heavens Garden are leading brands of McNROE through which it operates in multiple product categories like deodorant, perfume, talc, soap and shaving products.
The organization has a mission to fulfill the personal grooming and hygiene needs of the consumer by providing innovative, quality and value for money products.


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