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Yardley Red Roses Deodorant Spray


Yardley Red Roses Deodorant Spray – For Women (150 ml)

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Product Description

It brings the calming sensation that is aroused when you brush your fingers against the moist, delicatesse of the petals of a red rose in bloom. The Yardley Red Roses Deo Spray is a classic women’s fragrance designed in awe of the perpetual, poetic charm of the ever delightful red rose. The dreamy, indulgent fragrance adds a powdery sweetness to your day and keeps you smelling divinely beautiful all day long. The mass premium deodorant spray from Yardley is a romantic composition created from the extracts of the red rose and inspires the same passion and seduction as the flower, in its expression. The Yardley Red Roses body spray is a perfectly elegant, daily wear for the timelessly beautiful woman and provides long-lasting protection against bacteria and body odour all round the clock.


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