Terms & Conditions – Gifttones

All the information that has been provided to us by you in relation to your order is needs to be accurate, complete and up to date for smooth delivery.

Our Privacy Policy applies in respect of all personal information collected from you: details are at our websites.

Your order becomes effective upon successful transmission after you press “Submit Payment” on the website. No cancellation can be done after this point in the process. Delivery charges and other taxes need to be paid that are mentioned in our website along with the price of the goods to complete your purchase.

You cannot compel us to be responsible for or to accept liability if the delivery of your Goods is late or if product is out of stock or unavailable in time for accepted delivery.

Risk in the Goods passes to you on delivery. We cannot be held responsible for any cases of loss, theft or even damage to the Goods after the delivery is done.

You are responsible for uploading images which are appropriate to print for in-store redemption. You must own the image or have consent to republish and adapt the image, and authorize us to use, store and modify the image for the eGift products. We reserve the right to reject images which we consider inappropriate including for example illegal, indecent, socially inappropriate material or which we consider as protected by copyright or trade mark.

We warrant that the Goods or Services are fit for their usual purpose, are merchantable and are in accordance with any description that we have provided about them. All other warranties and representations, except those which are non-excludable in law, are not included. In the cases where products or Services are defective or do not meet these warranties, we ensure that a refund of the amount equal to the price of the good will be done. Cases of repair or replacements of the Goods or resupply of the Services will even be provided for by us. We exclude liability for indirect or loss due to any consequences. We will not be responsible for any level at which you have failed to follow instructions, used the good or modified the Goods unintentionally.

All help will be provided as far as possible if you wish to return Goods unused, but we may require you to pay a certain amount for these services in return. Certain products and services are not returnable if they are not resalable.

If there is failure during the payment from the credit or debit card then as a consequence your order will not be processed by us and you will not be contacted.

These conditions are governed by laws of the country.